Nice Words

“You haven’t just created a video for us, you’ve captured an important part of our history and we’re humbled that your creativity and attention to detail has allowed us to re-live it in such a beautiful way”


Romaine and Nehanda

“This truly is the best thing we could’ve ever done for our wedding”


Tim and Fiona

“You chaps are incredible, it is beyond perfect! It’s amazing to see the day again, thank you for capturing it so beautifully. You have an amazing talent and you were such fun to have around!”


Camilla and David

“You have a way of achieving magic in your videos, you have managed to capture the emotion and atmosphere of the whole day in just 2 minutes, but beyond everything, it’s that magic you guys seem to create that is so unique, that deep connection and sprinkling of something extra that just makes your heart jump when you see it…you guys really are maestros. And on top of that, you are both totally fantastic to work with.”


Ed and Rose

“You are both magic! it is everything we hoped for, it’s so beautifully done and brought back such wonderful memories of the day, putting huge grins on both our faces!”


Hannah and Ben

“We are completely stunned by it, it’s incredible!”


Camilla and Mikey

“It is stunning. You caught some great angles without us even knowing you were there, most of our guests were surprised to hear we even had videographers! You were the best money we spent on the wedding. I am so happy we were lucky enough to have you both there. Really, thank you so much for capturing our day so perfectly.”


Harry  and Roya

“Oh my goodness, cannot begin to put it into words, you are both so talented and you have captured our wedding perfectly, it was like a roller coaster of emotions, one minute we were laughing, the next I was reaching for a tissue.  I will never tire of watching this and one bit of advice I will continue to give to engaged couples is GET IT VIDEOED. It’s a day you can’t get back and you have captured precious moments that Rob and I hadn’t even seen.  I cannot praise you both enough.  You both work so hard and are so professional, as we were watching it so many times we both said ‘I can’t remember them filming that bit’.”


Jen and rob

“In the words of my new mother in law “Brilliant doesn’t even begin to do it justice”.”


Kai and Emily

“The film is stunning and not only have you managed to capture the essence of the whole day but also the love that John and I have for each other. I was originally reluctant to have a videographer and john convinced me, I’m so glad he did as the film is truly amazing and the best money we could have ever spent”


John and Joanna

“We watched it with our family at the weekend and we thought it was truly incredible, hands down the best money we spent on the whole wedding – you guys are seriously talented, and we’re so grateful that you captured our day so brilliantly, we were bowled over!”


Danielle and Chris

 “Words can’t express how much I love this film, so beautiful, delicate, moving and romantic. You are truly amazing and I can’t thank you enough.  We will cherish this film for many many years to come, thank you forever for your stunning work”


Emma and Ricky

"I cannot begin to tell you how unbelievably happy we are to have found the two of you to oversee such an important part of our memories.  The film is incredible"

Ryan & Cali